Zero Sum Equation

Zero Sum Equation will be coming in Fall of 2024! The seventh studio album from Interface comes after an interesting few years since the release of Where All Roads Lead. The former’s album cycle was heavily disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, followed by Eric taking time away from music making to focus on his mental health and Jon entering fatherhood. Now, it’s time to reclaim some of the lost momentum!

Zero Sum Equation is another depiction of the greatest struggles of the human condition. Binding together the band’s signature synth production and lyrical focus, Zero-Sum Equation personifies the ultimate epitaph on Interface’s career. These themes are prevalent in contrasting songs such as the scathing social commentary of “21st Century” and “No Cause For Celebration”, the melancholy “Disappearing Girl”, the bleak outlook of the band’s native New York in “Bright Lights, Dark City”, to the optimistic “Tomorrow Is Now” and the gentle “Full Circle”.

Zero Sum Equation will be released in Fall 2024 on Distortion Productions. “Tomorrow Is Now” will be released as a digital single in Summer 2024.

The album once again features artwork by Vlad McNeally at Kallisti:Design.

Thank You Fans For 2019 and Happy 2020!

2019 has been a busy year for Interface. We rang it in by announcing our signing to Distortion Productions, and got right to work on our sixth studio album, Where All Roads Lead. We were proud to introduce some of the new material in March at Dark Side Of The Con, which ended up being our only live date for the year. The album and its two companion singles, “Outside Looking In” and “Not With Me” each set label records for sales performance in their opening weeks. We have you, our fans, to thank for this.

So, what is next in 2020? A few things.

First off, we’ve been waiting until this year to get the band back on the stage. You want us in your city? Talk to your local promoters. Tell them about us. Bribe them with cookies. (You get the idea) Our viability to a promoter is only as good as your willingness to come out and support us. We are in talks with some of the various organizers for the 2020 EBM/industrial festival season, so give us some good vibes!

Secondly, we do plan to have a new line of “merch” items available soon to complement the last point. We’ll have a new online store up (via our Bandcamp page) and will also have some of our back-catalog physical media back up for sale too.

In the studio, as mentioned elsewhere, Eric has signed on to produce Rein(Forced)’s next album for WT II, which will feature synth work by both Eric and Jon. Work will commence in the spring. Eric and Rexx Arkana may also start up on more Coldkill tracks very soon, so stay tuned…

Thank You for the Success!

We have learned that the “Outside Looking In” e-single set a record for the best-selling single in Distortion Productions’s history in only its first day on sale!

We aren’t saying this to brag – we are thanking YOU, our fans, for making this happen and making the efforts worthwhile.

Haven’t gotten your copy yet? You can purchase it on Bandcamp, iTunes, or stream it on Spotify and Pandora now!

Covering Ministry!

Interface and Coldkill pay tribute to industrial music history.

We are proud to cover Ministry’s “All Day” with very special guest vocals from Jim Marcus (Die Warzau, Go Fight) for the limited edition cassette single Industrial Purpose 01, presented by Haus Arkana.

The single is also backed with Coldkill (Eric’s other project with Rexx Arkana) doing a cover of “We Believe”. Both songs were originally released on Ministry’s 1986 landmark album Twitch, and the single was released alongside Wax Trax’s commemorative Industrial Accident box set.

It’s no secret that Ministry’s early work is highly influential on Interface, as Eric has stated many times before. The band needed little extra motivation to jump at the chance to record “All Day”, and were truly honored to have the input of one of the most highly-regarded figures in the scene, who’d witnessed much of its history first hand.

Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes

Wishing our friends and fans around the globe a Happy Holidays and Happy 2019! This coming year will be a good one for Interface – we’re going to have some big news and announcements really soon!

Thank You Nilaihah Records!

Now that we’re back from the ES5 mini tour, we can announce that as of last weekend, as all of our contractual obligations have been fulfilled, we have amicably parted ways with Nilaihah Records.

We thank the label for twelve years of partnership in releasing our last three albums (and their surrounding singles/EPs), for helping us reach new fans and new industry contacts, and we wish them the best in their future endeavors.

We will be working to secure our back-catalogue of music and will be moving it over to our Bandcamp page in the near future, and with some special announcements in that regard soon too!

Please Pardon Our Appearance…

We know it’s been a long time coming, but we’re revamping our website to a whole new look! It’ll have better social media integration, be more mobile/tablet friendly, and have a fresh new vibe.

Visions Of Modern Life Press 2009-2010

Side-Line Spring 2009
It would seem the prediction in the EP review was dead balls on! This release is twice as good as the last and this act has definitely found THEIR voice . Where as in the predecessor full length each song sounded like a different influence, here they have all been smashed apart and reconstructed into something that sounds like what I should sound like. Each track has the potential to crush any dancefloor there is a slight drop in the middle of the release for some experimenting with more than playing with a straight 4/4 on the floor beat all the way through. Each track is a pleasant suprise – this release is destined to become an instant classic and is a great solid release to kick off the new year. Within all this fun there are two remixes at the end of the disk for the two tracks that should be spun immediately by any DJ. Dare one say that I is the next band to wear the monacre of “futurepop” with the varied moods and sounds expressed in this release, as well as the deep meaningful lyrics that will touch anyone because somebody out there has felt the same way at one time or another.

by John Hogan Spring 2009
Interface could not really deliver with their previous Destination Focus EP so i hoped that the new and recently released studio album Visions of Modern Life would be better. Interface immediately kicks off with the uptempo tracks ‘Voices (Mono)’, the already known ‘Destination’ and the title track ‘Modern Life’ where Interface connects modern EBM with gripping songs. Especially ‘Voices’ is a real blast for the club environment. At the end of the album the song returns in a remix with singer Dawn Mitchell. Again it gets clear in the first few songs on this new album that a strong voice often is everything for an electroband. Interface has that luck and Interface is also a band that successfully has further developed the futurepop sound. Halfway down the tracklist of the album the pace is slowed down in a couple of tracks and next to songs with a focus on electropop like ‘Transit’ and the splendid ‘Pavillion’ more atmospheric and experimental sounds get the chance like in ‘City Limits’ and ‘Antarctica’. ‘Bodyflow’ is next and this is again a track which is meant for the dance floor, followed by the atmospheric ‘Paranoia’s Lullaby’ that ends the album. This album also contains a new version of the older ‘Corridor’ track. Interface definitely silences all criticism with Visions of Modern Life. Visions of Modern Life is a very good, consistent and fully up-to-date sounding electro album.

by TekNoir

2009 Review from ZONA INDUSTRIAL (Spanish Translation)
This is the fourth production of Interface, a New York based project formed by Eric Eldredge. The first time i’ve heard this band was with a remix for Dubok a couple of years ago, then on their second production “Angels In Disguise” an album that navigates between classic EBM, Dark Wave and Future Pop, this last genere apparently was the line that the band chose to continue, a fortune, since it is believed that the Future Pop died with Apoptygma Berzerk’s Harmonizer or VNV Nation’s Futrure Perfect, Interface “Beyond Humanity” in 2006 followed as mentioned in the same vein, but though it was a better album, this was too repetitive, at least for my own point of view, the album became too predictable for me they abused to recycle clichés of what we thought the late Pop Future, Trance structures quite so trite.

But this new CD, “Visions of Modern Life” the truth that I was very pleasantly surprised, not only verify that the band continues not to abandon Future Pop, but because they has finally found the formula for this more balanced gender in an era rife with Power electronics, Harsh and Dark-Electro grateful that the truth can be cool with a proposal like this and, at times we can recall the best of some VNV Nation or Assemblage 23, but with its own personality, the masterly handling of arpeggios, the vocals clear and we must add that the vocals on each track were created to stick and not leave your head for several hours, another band that comes to remind me at times is also in its early days GLIS , Call it nostalgia if you wish, but this new disc will inevitably make you back to those good times when the future of Pop was in full swing, but not necessarily all that without sounding retro or a particular copy of …

The album already has two singles currently for “Transit” and “Destination”, but actually any track on this album could be a potential single, never thought I would get the day that put Interface on a list of my favorite albums of the year, the time has come and invite you to witness the birth of a new interface.

My favorite tracks besides the singles and brought just to mention some “City Limits”, “Body Flow”, “V.2 Corridor” and “Voices (Mono)” reminiscent from Nitzer Ebb to Icon Of Coil.

PhillyGothIndustrial 2009
Don’t push “shuffle,” and don’t push “pause.” This album is best when listened from start to finish.

The new album from the New York based band Interface is a terrific example of good industrial music coming out of the US. When you can listen to an album in its entirety and not feel the urge to skip a track, you know you’ve got a clear winner. I could imagine “Visions of Modern Life,” as a soundtrack for a movie. Unlike a lot of albums that seem to have no thought given to the order of the tracks, this album has a definite beginning, middle and end.

It begins with an atmospheric intro track called “Entry” to set the mood, and then takes you on an action-filled excursion for the next several tracks. I could close my eyes and almost see the characters, the scenes and the intense action-thriller style plot forming as I immersed my ears into the depths of each track. A certain theme develops, as the album title indicates, I felt I was “seeing life” from different perspectives.

Halfway through the album, there is what appears to be an intermission; a short, soundscape track called “Antarctica,” followed by a slower, moody track called “Pavilion,” which interestingly contains a small sample from “Voyager” by the Alan Parsons Project. Thereafter we’re thrown back into the fast-paced action. I take note of the lyrics in, “Indecision,” which further enforces my inclination to imagine a story, as if the character is in some kind of turmoil, “To take the next step or to weather the storm, to doubt if your choices are truly informed..” Also worth mentioning is the track I predict will be a club hit, “Body Flow,” with its perfect dance rhythm and shout-able chorus.

Not unlike a movie, we end our story in calm… with one of the more beautiful ballads I’ve heard lately, “Paranoia’s Lullaby,” with its deep and interesting lyrics, tender symphonic keyboards and melodic vocals. While each track takes on a personality and “plot” of its own, you’re left with the feeling of unity and continuity, a finished piece.

by Candy Durant