About Interface

Interface… the very word means making the unlike alike, the dissimilar similar.

New York’s Interface blends different elements of various electronic styles into its own brand of music, all with a melodic, emotional edge. Originally founded in 1993 by programmer/producer/vocalist Eric Eldredge, Interface has displayed a strong, diverse sound on its releases: The Artemis Complex (1999), Angels in Disguise (2002), Beyond Humanity (2006), Visions Of Modern Life (2009), and The Perfect World (2013). Interface’s sound has ranged from aggressive industrial (“Frantic”, “Metalstorm”) to dance floor anthems (“Age of Computers, “Wasted Time”), soft ballads (“The Softest Blade” and “Labyrinth”) and even ambient experimentalism during its career. Interface is also prolific in the remix market, lending its name to top-level artists, and has been acclaimed by the electronic music press for its work and its energetic stage show. The band’s current live lineup is Eldredge, Jon Billian, and Justin Parker.