Past Members

Joesph “Cyn” Destry was guitarist and vocalist from 1997 to 1998. He was also part of the band Valve, and he and Mike Cummings were part of Interface’s first lineup when the project became a full-time venture. After Interface, he went on to become a successful NYC promoter for different industrial music nights and an EBM/industrial DJ.






Michael Anthony “Angztek” Cummings was the band’s first live drummer, from 1997 to 1998. He also came over from the band Valve. In addition to Interface, he was a live drummer for Mindsett and collaborator in many different projects throughout the vibrant NYC scene.

Besides drums, he is also adept at synth and sampling technology.

In 2009, Michael made a surprise return appearance with the band, filling in for Justin Parker at a gig in Philadelphia.





Evan Eldredge was the band’s live guitarist/keyboardist/backing vocalist from 1998 until 2006. Eric’s younger brother, he was quite skilled at creating guitar parts for the typically electronic songs in Interface’s catalog, resulting in live versions being quite varied from their recordings. In the studio, he also recorded guitars for “Metalstorm”, “Heaven And Hell”, “Colors”, “Doubts And Fears”, and “Wonderland”. The band also experimented with guitar synth and processing technology elsewhere on Beyond Humanity, with guitar tracks appearing on “Age Of Computers” and “Faith In Nothing” (if you know where to look).

Evan left the band in 2006 to pursue a career in the video game industry and his own music project Gold Paralax.




J. Joseph Dobise III was part of the band’s live lineup from 2006 until 2013. He originally came on as a fill-in while Jon took an extended sabbatical from touring towards the end of the Beyond Humanity era, then stayed on thanks in part to his unique stage presence and synth rig.

Beyond the stage, Joe was often around many of the band’s recording sessions for both Beyond Humanity and Visions Of Modern Life. Eric and Jon often relied on his unorthodox production techniques to spice up various tracks in ways not originally planned.

Joe’s primary project is the multi-genre-bending band Viral Consciousness (aka vircon) and he left Interface in early 2013 to devote more focus to it.



Jae “JQ” Breslow (aka Jae Leben) was a last-minute fill-in on several tour dates for Visions Of Modern Life in 2010.

He is a Long Island-based musician and producer, and was in the bands Failure 2 Comply and Kronik Kondition. He’s also done freelance production in various other genres of music.




Ted “Theo” Scheriff was a fill-in onstage member for various dates on the Visions Of Modern Life tour.

The late Theo was involved in more diverse projects across the music spectrum than could ever be listed here, that’s for sure. Rest in peace, old friend.