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release date
14 Mar 2006

Written and Produced by Eric Eldredge.
Gravity, Age of Computers, Nobody's Hero and Faith In Nothing written by Eric Eldredge/Jon Billian.
Wonderland written by Eric and Evan Eldredge.
Doubts and Fears written by Eric Eldredge/Evan Eldredge/Jon Billian.

Beyond Humanity

  • Gravity
  • Age Of Computers
  • Mind Killer
  • Wonderland
  • Despair
  • Stranger In A Strange Land
  • Beyond Human
  • Insomniac
  • Nobody's Hero
  • Faith In Nothing

For Interface's third full-length album, the move to a software-based recording environment led to a re-invention of the band's sound. Beyond Humanity reflects a harder, darker edge, combining thick synth textures with driving percussion and heavily computer-processed vocals. Featuring the first studio contributions by Jon and Evan, the album deals with themes that involve mankind's loss of control in his world, both past, present, and future.
Upon signing the band, Nilaihah Records bolstered the CD's original track listing with an array of bonus tracks, some from deleted Tinman releases. This new edition is known as the "expanded edition".

Expanded Edition CD Bonus Tracks:

  • Age Of Computers (Cross Platform Mix by Assemblage 23)
  • Wasted Time (Stromkern Remix)
  • Faith In Nothing (No Faith Mix by Combichrist)
  • Age of Computers (Data Corruption Mix by Imperative Reaction)
  • Clear Night (Sean Tyas Melodic Intervention)
  • Doubts And Fears