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release date
9 Aug 2019

All tracks produced and recorded by Eric Eldredge at Interface studio, NYC.
Words and lyrics by Eric Eldredge.
Music by Eric Eldredge, except “Messages From Dystopia”, “If Not Now, When?”, “Not With Me”, and “Who Watches The Watchers?” by Eric Eldredge and Jon Billian.

Vocals on “Hiraeth” by Liebchen.

Cover design by Vlad McNeally

Where All Roads Lead

  • Messages From Dystopia
  • Outside Looking In
  • Ghosts Of Your Ambition
  • Introspection
  • If Not Now, When?
  • Not With Me
  • Who Watches The Watchers?
  • Fire In The Sky
  • Northpark (Only A Memory)
  • We Will Never Be Together
  • All Roads
  • Hiraeth

For its sixth studio album, Interface explores different territory in both composition and sonic landscapes. Where All Roads Lead consists of twelve “messages from dystopia” - another series of observations of the darkest sides of the human condition. The musical soundscapes range from industrial to ambient, synthpop to synthwave, with a melodic integration that only Interface can deliver. Highlights include the pulsing futurepop of “Outside Looking In”, the swinging groove of “If Not Now, When?”, and the pounding beat of “Not With Me”. The album marks the band’s first output on new label Distortion Productions.