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release date
15 Jul 2002

Written and Produced by Eric Eldredge.
You Will Learn written by Eric Eldredge/Matthew Clennan, featuring Level 2.0
Colors written by Eric/Evan Eldredge
Labyrinth written by Eric Eldredge and Lacey Elizabeth, featuring Jakineko

Angels In Disguise

  • Wasted Time
  • You Will Learn
  • Movement (In)
  • Ability
  • Inside
  • Temperature
  • Katja
  • Maximum Formula
  • Sublimated
  • Colors
  • Within Your Reach
  • Angels In Disguise
  • Labyrinth
  • Movement (Out)
  • Clear Night

Interface's second full-length album was released in 2002 on Tinman Records, and was widely acclaimed by fans, DJ's and critics. Reflecting a warm, optimistic tone throughout its 15 tracks, Angels In Disguise was by and large Interface's breakout release. Featured guest appearances by Matt Clennan/Mike Hoffman from the band Level 2.0 and Jakineko from the band Murder In The Dark.
Tracks like "Wasted Time", "Temperature", "Ability", and the title track all found their way onto club, radio, and webcast playlists everywhere, and brought on a wide increase in the band's exposure and stature.