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release date
25 Jan 1999

Written and Produced by Eric Eldredge.
Frantic written by Eldredge/Messier, Softest Blade written by Eldredge/Julie Veil
Cover Design: Kim Lauer

The Artemis Complex

  • Artemis 1
  • Frantic
  • Tortoise
  • Autostation
  • Black Sun
  • Artemis 2
  • Metalstorm
  • Heaven And Hell
  • Artemis 3
  • The Softest Blade
  • Horizon Orient
  • Syndrome
  • Ore

The first full-length album was released in January 1999 and brought together definitive recordings of all of the most popular songs alongside new material. Featured guest appearances by DJ Essence and Julie from Persephone's Veil. It won Interface a spot on the roster of Tinman Records.

In 2007, 8 years after its initial release, the album has been digitally re-released in cooperation with Nilaihah through its digital download sites. As a special feature, it also includes the Metalstorm 2007 EP, featuring three all-new remixes.

2007 Re-Release Bonus Tracks:

  • Metalstorm (GASR Remix)
  • Metalstorm (Blind Dead Mix by Monoculture)
  • Metalstorm (Hypofixx Remix)