Remix Interface

Want to remix an Interface track?

Below are all currently available Interface remix kits. Many of these are simply beat aligned vocal tracks in WAV format with the key and tempo noted. We never really typically went for full stems or MIDI files for the most part. Be creative!!

The Artemis Complex (1999)

Metalstorm (136 BPM)

Angels In Disguise (2002)

Wasted Time (136 BPM)

Ability (138 BPM)

Angels In Disguise (130 BPM)

Labyrinth – Featuring Jaki Neko (85 BPM)

Clear Night (140 BPM)

Beyond Humanity (2006)

Age Of Computers (138 BPM)

Mind Killer (125 BPM)

Stranger In A Strange Land (118 BPM)

Beyond Human (132 BPM)

Insomniac (94 BPM)

Nobody’s Hero (140 BPM)

Faith In Nothing (137 BPM)

Visions Of Modern Life (2009)

Voices – Mono And Echo Both Included (135 BPM)

Destination (130 BPM)

Transit (140 BPM)

City Limits (128 BPM)

Pavilion (92 BPM)

Body Flow (132 BPM)

Never Say Farewell (132 BPM)

The Perfect World (2013)

It Begins Today (133 BPM)

Mirror Mirror (126 BPM)

Stateless (130 BPM)

Everyone Listening (126 BPM)