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release date
24 Sep 2013

Written and Produced by Eric Eldredge.
"Searching (Through Empty Spaces)" is partially based on "Empty Spaces" by Pink Floyd, written by Roger Waters.
Additional synths and programming by Jon Billian.
Drums on Fashionista by Justin Parker.
Vocal recordings assisted by Dominique Donnarumma.

The Perfect World

  • Ignition
  • It Begins Today
  • Fashionista
  • In Fidelity
  • Mirror Mirror
  • Nocturne
  • Stateless
  • Searching (Through Empty Spaces)
  • Everyone Listening
  • I Don't Dream Anymore
  • Square One...
  • ...Back To The Beginning
  • Eulogy

Interface’s fifth studio album, The Perfect World is a dark, intense concept work that explores the ups and downs of success and fortune. The soundtrack to this story augments Interface’s music with influences from modern EDM dance and rock, complete with jagged synths, punchy drums, and crisp vocals. Highlights include the up tempo club sounds of “It Begins Today”, the hard-hitting beats of “Everyone Listening”, the classic EBM “Stateless”, and the fluid beats and melody of “Square One”.