Justin Parker

Justin Parker is a Long Island native, and has been Interface’s touring drummer since 2007. He is an acclaimed live and session player, whose most notable credit was being the drummer for the Long Island-based alternative band Stage. The band enjoyed a lot of local popularity and support throughout the late 1990’s, eventually landing a deal with Maverick Records and securing support slots for a tour with Trapt.

Justin and Eric were college friends, allowing them to introduce each other to their musical styles and passion. Their school years culminated in Eric’s recording Stage as one of his senior projects, acting as recording and mixing engineer (and also playing uncredited synth). After reconnecting at a show in 2006 and discussing the value of adding a drummer to Interface’s stage show, Justin came aboard.

Apart from Interface, Justin also maintains a successful career in the fashion industry, and drums for both Stage and a Nine Inch Nails tribute band “Sin”.