Thank You Fans For 2019 and Happy 2020!

2019 has been a busy year for Interface. We rang it in by announcing our signing to Distortion Productions, and got right to work on our sixth studio album, Where All Roads Lead. We were proud to introduce some of the new material in March at Dark Side Of The Con, which ended up being our only live date for the year. The album and its two companion singles, “Outside Looking In” and “Not With Me” each set label records for sales performance in their opening weeks. We have you, our fans, to thank for this.

So, what is next in 2020? A few things.

First off, we’ve been waiting until this year to get the band back on the stage. You want us in your city? Talk to your local promoters. Tell them about us. Bribe them with cookies. (You get the idea) Our viability to a promoter is only as good as your willingness to come out and support us. We are in talks with some of the various organizers for the 2020 EBM/industrial festival season, so give us some good vibes!

Secondly, we do plan to have a new line of “merch” items available soon to complement the last point. We’ll have a new online store up (via our Bandcamp page) and will also have some of our back-catalog physical media back up for sale too.

In the studio, as mentioned elsewhere, Eric has signed on to produce Rein(Forced)’s next album for WT II, which will feature synth work by both Eric and Jon. Work will commence in the spring. Eric and Rexx Arkana may also start up on more Coldkill tracks very soon, so stay tuned…