Zero Sum Equation

Zero Sum Equation will be coming in Fall of 2024! The seventh studio album from Interface comes after an interesting few years since the release of Where All Roads Lead. The former’s album cycle was heavily disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, followed by Eric taking time away from music making to focus on his mental health and Jon entering fatherhood. Now, it’s time to reclaim some of the lost momentum!

Zero Sum Equation is another depiction of the greatest struggles of the human condition. Binding together the band’s signature synth production and lyrical focus, Zero-Sum Equation personifies the ultimate epitaph on Interface’s career. These themes are prevalent in contrasting songs such as the scathing social commentary of “21st Century” and “No Cause For Celebration”, the melancholy “Disappearing Girl”, the bleak outlook of the band’s native New York in “Bright Lights, Dark City”, to the optimistic “Tomorrow Is Now” and the gentle “Full Circle”.

Zero Sum Equation will be released in Fall 2024 on Distortion Productions. “Tomorrow Is Now” will be released as a digital single in Summer 2024.

The album once again features artwork by Vlad McNeally at Kallisti:Design.