Artemis Complex Press 1999-2000

January 2000 – Inside Connection
THE ARTEMIS COMPLEX by Interface is a mostly instrumental CD, but it is still interesting industrial with techno leanings. Not extremely aggressive, Interface is very club and DJ friendly.

THE ARTEMIS COMPLEX contains 13 tracks in the realm of Front 242, Cubanate, Front Line Assembly, and LeatherStrip. And, of course, there is the obligatory Aliens sample. While not every track is incredibly original, the CD does vary enough from almost techno beats to quieter songs with female backing vocals, like “The Softest Blade”. Interface is worth checking out and has two other releases besides this one.

By Ed Johnson

October 2000 – Newsday
Electro, post-industrial or techno with vocals. Whatever you want to call it, artists like Interface (essentially programer-vocalist Eric Eldredge) are ushering in the latest (dark) wave of electronic music. Long Island’s answer to prosperous European acts such as Apoptygma Berzerk and Covenant, “The Artemis Complex” (recently picked up for distribution by industrial mainstay Metropolis Records) is a relentless surge of synth lines, sputtering beats and manipulated vocals. “Frantic” lives up to its title with aggravated shouts and sneers. “Autostation” benefits from resonating synth loops and a spattering of hip-hop. But the album also reveals a sensitive side with “The Softest Blade,” a down- tempo heartbreaker with female vocals and gliding strings. When Interface decides to add accessories to the procedures, the expertise of its recording is fully realized. An occasional use of guitar riffs is subtle but effective, as is the sci-fi sampling of a line from “Aliens”: “Not bad for a human.” Not bad indeed.

By Kenyon Hopkin