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Software is the basis of Interface's studio setup and recording environment.

All of Interface's production, mixing, etc is done in Steinberg's Cubase. The studio is a mixture of hardware and software, with the cutting edge in audio tools. Plugins include the UAD-2, SSL Duende, and TC Powercore. Mastering and editing is done in Steinberg Wavelab.

Access Virus Powercore
Best Service Cult Sampler
DiscoDSP Discovery 2
East West VAPOR
IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2
Korg Legacy Collection Analog Edition
LinPlug Albino 2
Luxonix Ravity
MOTU Symphonic
Native Instruments Electronic Instruments 2XT
Native Instruments Komplete 5
Novation V-Station Powercore
ReFX JunoX2
ReFX PlastiCZ
ReFX Quadra SID
ReFX TB Bass line
ReFX Vanguard
Rob Papen Blue
Spectrasonics Stylus RMX
Steinberg D’Cota
Steinberg HALion 3
Stenberg Hypersonic 2
Superwave Bundle
Superwave Performer
Ultimate Sound Bank Ultra Focus
Waldorf Attack 1.2
Waldorf D-Coder
Waldorf PPG 2.0
Waves Diamond Bundle
Zero-G Nostalgia

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