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Interface Discography - Wasted Time

The EP for "Wasted Time yielded a great selection of mixes from some diverse artists. It was deleted by Tinman while in the pressing plant, however, and is still available on download sites. Some of the tracks were selected for the expanded edition of Beyond Humanity.

  Released: July 2003
Format: CD
Total Copies: n/a
Credits: Written and Produced by Eric Eldredge.

1 Single Version
2 Lost In Time Version
3 Stromkern Remix
4 Synth-Etik Remix

5 Cloudburst (Santa Monica Mix)
6 Tank Girl Mix
7 Terrorfakt Remix
8 Bang!Elektronika Remix
9 Summer Anthem Mix

1 & 5 Produced by Eric Eldredge.
2 Remixed by PTI.
3 Remixed by Stromkern.
4 Remixed by Synth-Etik.
6 Remixed by Juxtavogue.
7 Remixed by Terrorfakt.
8 Remixed by A.Gregor.
9 Remixed by Pandique.

PTI and Stromkern appear courtesy of WTII.
Synth-Etik appears courtesy of Hands Records.
Terrorfakt appears courtesy of Metropolis Records.

Cover Art and Design: Michelle Lee.

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