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Interface Discography - Remixes

Includes remix, date produced, and where released, along with label.

Vircon - Apathetic - Interface Remix) November 2015
Electronic Saviors 4 (Metropolis Records)

Vanguard - I Want To Live (Interface Remix) March 2015
I Want To Live EP (Infacted Recordings)

Stars Crusaders - Supermarket Signs (Interface Remix) February 2015
Mothership EP (WT II Records)

Boxed Warning - Tethered (Interface Remix) January 2015
I Have Been Terrible (Distortion Productions)

Man Woman Machine - Invader (Interface's Dirty Remix) March 2014
Darkness Rewired (Beyond Therapy Records)

Noir - The Bells (Interface Remix) February 2014
Remittent (Metropolis Records)

Surveillance - Corridor (Interface Remix) February 2014
Oceania Remixed (23DB Records)

Studio X Feat. Simon Carter - Fallen (Interface Remix) February 2014
Fallen EP

Panic Lift - Temptress (Interface Remix) February 2014
Temptress EP (Metropolis Records)

Halovox - Retrospect (Interface Remix) November 2013
Retrospect 2CD (Self)

Blume - Western Rust (Interface Remix) May 2013
Western Rust EP (WT II)

Soil & Eclipse - Silence (Interface Remix) March 2013
Silence EP (Self)

Inertia - Streaming (Interface Remix) February 2013
Steraming EP (Cryonica Music)

Alkemic Generator - Wish (Interface Remix) January 2013
Alkemic Generator (Nilaihah)

Ayria - Missed The Mark (Interface Remix) December 2012
4.4 EP (Alfa Matrix)

Lithia - Tarnish (Interface Remix) June 2012
Tarnish EP (CRL Studios) - Sanctuary (Interface Remix) January 2012
Revelations Bonus Download (Dreamweb/Metropolis)

Stray - Remember Me (Interface Mix) December 2011
Letting Go (Alfa Matrix)

For All The Emptiness - Penance (Interface Remix) August 2011
Axioms (Self)

Nachtmahr - Can You Feel The Beat (Interface Remix) July 2011
DJ Only White Label (Nachtmahr)

Aiboforcen - Crysis (Interface Remix) May 2011
L'Errance EP (Alfa Matrix)

For All The Emptiness - Prayers (Interface Remix) April 2011
Axioms (Self)

Sigue Sigue Sputnik Electronic - FaSSScination (Interface Remix) March 2011
Fascination: The Mixes (SSSE)

Code 64 - SOL (Interface Remix) November 2010
Official Code 64 Facebook download (Memento Materia)

System Syn - Here's To You (Interface Remix) July 2010
Here's To You EP (Metropolis)

Psy-Aviah - Into The Game (Interface Remix) March 2010
Into The Game EP (Alfa Matrix)

Caustic - Shrapnel Condition (Interface Remix) March 2010
Awaiting Release (Crunch Pod)

Helalyn Flowers - Hybrid Moments (Moments of Time Mix by Interface) July 2009
Stitches of Eden Limited Edition (Alfa Matrix)

Lacuna Coil - I Like It (Interface Remix) June 2009
I Like It Maxi-Single (Century Media)

Cortez The Killer - Tomahawk (Interface Remix) June 2009
Car Crash Music EP (Self Released)

Uberbyte - Industrial Bitch (Interface Remix) April 2009
Break You EP (Crunch Pod)

SD6 - Free (Interface Remix) December 2007
Electronic Saviors Compilation (Metropolis)

Lacuna Coil - To The Edge (Alto Voltaggio Remix) October 2007
Visual Karma Tour DVD (Century Media)

Misery - In A Flash (Interface Remix) August 2007
Obscurus and Lux LP (Nexus)

Helalyn Flowers - E-Race Generation (E-Lektro Generation Remix) August 2007
A Voluntary Coincidence 2CD (Alfa Matrix)
Cryonica Tanz V.5 2CD (Cryonica)

Assemblage 23 - Raw (Interface Remix) June 2007
Flood Benefit CD (Aphotic Audio)

Iacon - Wisdom of the Ages (Skyfire Remix) May 2007
12 Levels Below Generator Zero EP (Self Released)

I:Scintilla - The Bells (Interface Remix) February 2007
Optics LP Bonus Disc (Alfa Matrix Records)

Cylab - Dented Halos (Interface Remix) January 2007
Disseminate LP (Whispercore)

The Echoing Green - Suffer (Interface Remix) December 2006
Awaiting Release

Hypofixx - Belong (Interface Disposession) September 2006
After December LP Bonus Disc (Lashdigit Records)

GASR - Heavy (Weight Restriction Remix) July 2006
Fourplay V.1 Compliation CD (Nilaihah Records)

Back and To The Left - Misstep (Finish Line Remix) December 2005 Exclusive

Projekt 2501 - Running (Motion Capture Mix) September 2005
Awaiting Release

The Azoic - Let Me Tell You Something (Subliminal Message Remix) April 2005
Re:Illumination LP (Nilaihah Records)

Encoder - Supernatural (Acceleration Remix) April 2005
Supernatural LP (DSBP Records)

Pulse State - Innocence (Assembly Line Remix) March 2005 Exclusive

Pandique - Tanz Die Welt (Deine Welt ist Meine Welt Mix) January 2005
Volke 7 EP (Pandaimonium/ Pandailectric Records)

PTI - Ivory Tower (Invigoration) December 2004
Exhaust LP (Wax Trax II Records)

The Endparty - Shattered (Interface Remix) November 2004
Beauty Always Leaves Bonus Tracks (Inconnumedia Records)

Terrorfakt - Ausland (Bio-Terror Mix) October 2004
Ausland Limited Edition Tour EP (Terrorfakt)

Imperative Reaction - Giving In To The Change (Interface Remix) September 2003
Submission for GITHC Remix Contest

Ayria - Had Something (Snow Lake Mix) June 2003
Debris Limited Edition Bonus Disc (Alfa Matrix)

Neotek - Pink Noise (Control R Mix) May 2003
Brain Over Muscle Reissue Disc 2 (Cleopatra Records)

PTI - Tunnel Vision (Interface Clear Channel Remix) March 2003
SOS Bonus Tracks (DHC)

Funker Vogt - Final Thrill (Interface Remix) January 2003
Submission for FT Remix Contest

Dubok - Dense (Interface Remix) November 2002
Dense EP (Tinman Records)

Carol Masters - Connect (Retro Action Remix) July 2002
Re:Mastered double LP (Souvenir Records)

Zhiva - Didn't Know You Long (Interface Remix) May 2002
James Herbert limited edition tribute EP (Self Released)

:wumpscut: - Wreath Of Barbs (Interface Remix) December 2001
Submission for WOB Remix Contest

Celldweller - Symbiont (Continuous Sysex Remix) November 2001
Submission for Symbiont Remix Contest

Persephone's Veil - Summerlands (Midnight Remix) March 2001
Bonus track on By Unseen Hand soundtrack (Self Released)

Ceoxime - Subsume (Demon Trance Remix) January 2001
Vibrant Grey LP (Dekonstrukt Records)

Final Project - JWE (Interface Remix) January 2001
1.0 EP (Self Released)

Mindsett - Righteous Law (Illegal Response Mix) December 1998
Righteous Law/Fortress Remixes (Self Released)

Function Zero - Follow (Retroactive Remix) November 1997
Slave And Master LP (Self Released)

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