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Interface Discography - Early Works 1993-1998

Here is a listing of the demo tapes and CD's Interface has made throughout the 1990's. They are presented here for the sake of a complete discography, and none of these are readily available anymore. The band has been asked at times as to the content of these demos, to which the answer is two fold. First, few if any of these master recordings are to be located now, and if so the quality is very poor. Secondly, the band has long felt that any worthwhile songs from this period were given their definitive recording in the fall of 1998 and subsequently included on the first album The Artemis Complex.


Electronegativity Alpha - November 1993

Interface's first demo tape was recorded in November 1993 and featured four instrumental, percussion-heavy tracks, including early renditions of "Metalstorm" and "Ore". The style of the EP can be traced to a combination of early industrial with techno/rave influences.

Tracks: Metalstorm - Ore - Audio Assault - Electronegativity


Interface 2 - December 1995

Recorded while Eric was a member of the band Valve, the second demo tape was once again entirely instrumental. The production of these songs was more based on old techno and electro styles, and was Interface's first foray into placing ambient interludes between songs ("Soma"). The cover reflected Interface's logo at the time - the standard symbol for anti-static electronic packaging.

Tracks: Programme ID - Soma - Cyclone - Combat - Backdraft


Wideband - September 1997

After Valve disbanded and Interface was once again Eric's full-time project, Interface recorded this EP. With the lineup being 3 of the 4 members of the former group, it continued the pairing of guitars and electronics that was popular at that time. The band performed heavily to promote this work, which was the first to be available on CD as well as cassette. It also was the first Interface recording to bear Eric's internal coding system (EPCD 0.1 1997).

There were two covers available - the above one was quickly drawn up by drummer Mike Cummings for free promotional versions to DJ's, while a more stylish version was created by Ginger Auletta for copies sold at shows. Unfortunately the latter's graphics went missing several years ago... Each one was based on the band's updated logo - the metal spinner of a 3.5" floppy disk.

Tracks - Metalstorm - Cold - Godmech - Disease - Try It Once - I Have, You Need


Wideband Prime - May 1998

Intended to replace the previous EP once copies of it sold out at shows, this release was made up of re-recorded versions of songs on Wideband alongside newer material which the band felt was more representative of a newer musical direction. This was largely in response to criticism from local DJ's, press, and promoters writing off the band as Valve Mark 2 alongside the disappearance of the "Coldwave" movement.

This change was further brought about when drummer Mike Cummings and guitarist/singer Joseph Destry left the band, returning the lineup to only Eric on vocals and programming. With a more electronic approach to the music, it set the stage for the newer sound of the band and for the first full-length album The Artemis Complex.

The most notable part of the EP was the one-off collabotration with Sara Beinert on the song "Don't Think Twice", which was an adaptation of one of her short poems. It remains a rarity for a non-cover song that Interface has recorded where Eric didn't write the lyrics.

Tracks: Metalstorm - Heaven and Hell - Don't Think Twice - Disease - The Softest Blade

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