'93-'98 Early Works
'99 The Artemis Complex
'02 Angels In Disguise
'03 Wasted Time
'03 Disguised As Angels
'06 Beyond Humanity
'07 The Artemis Complex Expanded Edition
'08 Destination Focus
'09 Visions Of Modern Life
'09 Transit EP
'10 Body Flow EP
'13 It Begins Today EP
'13 The Perfect World
'14 Stateless EP
Guest Appearances
Interface Discography - Compilations

Interface's compilation appearances, including date and record label.

Electronic Saviors 2: Recurrence - May 2012 (Metropolis)

Interface Track: Inner Light (featuring Liebchen)


Electronic Body Matrix - January 2011 (Alfa Matrix)

Interface Track: Stateless


Electronic Saviors - February 2010 (Metropolis)

Interface Track: Never Say Farewell


Cryonica Tanz V.5 - August 2008 (Cryonica)

Interface Track: Destination (Mindless Faith Remix)


Machines Against Hunger - December 2007 (Sigsaly Media)

Interface Track: Land of Confusion


Fxxk The Mainstream Vol. 1 - Summer 2007 (Alfa Matrix)

Interface Track: Nobody's Hero (Vengeance Version)


Fourplay Vol. 1 - October 2006 (Nilaihah)

Interface tracks: Stranger in a Strange Land (Club Rapture), Escape (Momentum Mix), Stranger in a Strange Land (Fiction 8 Blueline Mix), Doubts and Fears (Gold Paralax Mix).


Bright Lights, Dark Room - July 2006 (Cryonica Music)

Interface Track: Never Let Me Down Again Aggro Mix (With Viral Consciousness)


Cryonica Tanz V.4 - November 2005 (Cryonica Music)

Interface Track: Age Of Computers (Club Version)


The State of Synthpop 2005 - June 2005 (A Different Drum)

Interface Track: Doubts and Fears


The Art of War: Divide - October 2004 (

Interface Track: Age of Computers


Ringworm V1 - January 1999 (Tinman Records)

Interface Track: Frantic


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