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Here is a look at some of the other people who have contributed to Interface.

J. Joseph Dobise III
Joe has been a major part of Interface for many years in many different roles. He has contributed to several tracks on both Beyond Humanity and Visions of Modern Life both in programming and production. He has been often a member of the live band.

Joe's main musical project is the band VirCon, which combines industrial, glitch, and metal into a unique whole.


Evan Eldredge
Eric's younger brother Evan has been involved with Interface in one way or other pretty much since the beginning. He has recorded various parts to at least one song on every single album, and was a long time member of the backing band until 2006.

His current musical project is called Gold Paralax and is synthpop with breakbeat and alternative influences.


DJ Essence (Edward Messier)
Edward has been friends with Eric for many years, and the two of them had tinkered with electronic instruments as early as their teens. As DJ Essence, he spun techno and trance at local parties and released his own solo album (co-produced by Eric) in 1999, Reality Is My Only Enemy. He is also a recurring member of Evan's Gold Paralax project.

Ed contributed many of the final sequences and production on "Frantic", helping transform it from its hard industrial origins to the rave-tinged version heard on the album.


Julie Veil
The singer and songwriter of the gothic/darkwave Persephone's Veil, Julie has had a long history of helping the band out behind the scenes, going all the way back to the Valve days. She is also a writer, poet, actress, and playwright, to name just a few talents.

Julie's unmistakable voice can be heard in "The Softest Blade".


Level 2.0 (Mike Hoffman and Matt Clennan)
Originally known as Final Project, this Long Island EBM band has shared many stages across the area with Interface, with the two bands forging a long-standing relationship.

While assisting on Final Project's demo CD, Eric showed them the song "You Will Learn". He was interested in breaking up the vocal track amongst different singers, which Mike and Matt gladly did. The song's vocals as heard were done in one take.


Lacey Elizabeth
The onetime vocalist for the electro/downtempo band Melange, Lacey was introduced to Eric by an ad in a music paper when he was looking for a female guest vocalist for a piece of music. This piece ended up becoming known as "Labyrinth", and was slated for possible inclusion on Artemis. This never happened as revisions were made and schedules ended up not lining up. When it came time to include "Labyrinth" on Angels In Disguise, Lacey elected not to record her lyrics for the song.

As seems to be the way with many of the band's collaborators, Lacey is a bit of Renaissance woman of sorts. Apart from music, she is also a freelance makeup artist, writer, and poet, just to name a few activities.


Jakineko (Jacqueline Barclay)
Eric and Jaki met by chance at a concert in New York. Before long they became quick friends, always looking for some way to collaborate. Originally the singer for the New York goth band Murder In The Dark, she has gone on to work with bands in many styles of music, from hip hop to metal to jazz in her career. She is also an experienced professional dancer and choreographer.

The two finally got their chance to work together when "Labyrinth" lyricist Lacey Elizabeth elected not to perform her work on the album. In just one night Jaki learned, interpreted, and recorded the vocals as heard on the album.


Chris "Doktor" Boring
A long time friend and former bandmate of Eric's in Valve, Chris has often helped Interface behind the scenes, and has remixed the band no fewer than 5 times, either as a member of his upbeat Hexane project, or as part of the Sub:Divide remix duo with Travis Korczak. He has remixed many other artists in his career, which was unfortunately cut short by his untimely passing in 2005.

Chris's direct contributions came in his additions to the more "off-beat" sections of Angels In Disguise, adding bits and pieces to "Movement In", "Out" and "Within Your Reach".


Bret Calder
Bret Calder has worked with many bands in the studio and onstage. He has recorded and/or toured with Father Divine, I Parasite, and Android Lust, to name a few.

Bret laid down several bass tracks for "Wonderland", which was originally to have a great deal of natural instrumentation but eventually became more electronic as it went on. Hard to believe that the noisy, pixelated sound that ends the track is a bass guitar, right?


Rachel Feder
The lead vocalist of the band Kronik Kondition, Rachel has recorded backing vocals for both "Destination" and "Never Say Farewell".


Dawn E. Mitchell
A classically-trained professional opera vocalist, Dawn is a regular contributor to the Cleveland-based band Missile Command. After hearing her powerful voice for the first time at a festival in 2006 in which the two bands shared the stage, Eric invited her to record some vocals on the Beyond Humanity follow-up album.

Dawn finally arrived in New York long enough to record in the beginning of 2008. Her vocals for "Voices (Echo)" were finalized and recorded in an hour.

The classically trained opera soprano (under the alias of Liebchen) is a New York-based DJ and one of the vocalists of the band XuberX.

When it came time to find a female lead vocalist for the Electronic Saviors 2 project, she provided vocals for the song "Inner Light".


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